As you can see, I photographed the pics, from the reflection shown. Sorry about the laziness to scan it. It will take ages, and I have yet to prepare dinner for tonight. But I can’t wait to put this up 🙂

Here’s the classroom pic. I am surprised Aidan can tell me most of their names, because he never said hi to them. I didn’t take all the photos, though, some weren’t that nice. I am surprised the classroom pic was missing from the album today. I told Lynda, that’s the teacher beside Aidan, and she gave me the office’s copy. I suspect someone may have pinched it from my album, as we weren’t allowed to take any home without paying. It wouldn’t have fallen out because all the photos fits snugly. If this was really the case, I find it very dishonest and cheap for the parent to do such a thing. It’s only $8.   In any case, I hope they won’t suspect me, because it’s only missing from my album. Geeezzzz.. or maybe someone doesn’t like me?! Oh me, oh my! Oh gosh! Really…. haha….you think I bother? 🙂

3YO Kindy Class