There was an album for each child yesterday which consists of six individual pics and a class pics, in a somewhat cute album, at the cost of $57.00

 About two weeks ago, there were two photographers in the kindy and Lynda said they would be taking some pics. As we weren’t informed the pics were ready, I didn’t bring any money, so I will have to get them on Monday.

I didn’t want the full album though, two weren’t as nice. Assuming they will do this every year, I don’t need the album too. Each individual pic costs $7 and the class pic is $8. I am only going to get 5.

It’s nice to have the pics taken at kindy while the children are at ‘work’. Pixie Photos have promotion every year where the sitting and a large size family pic is free, but who would only get the one pic and walk away. You know, when your child is only a few months old, cute as anything, would you? I ended up buying some pics for a couple of hundred dollars, twice.

I told myself I won’t be a sucker for this anymore. But the kindy pics are reasonable.

So, wait for them 🙂