It never occured to me that Aidan prefers/like/favours red.

Lynda told me he chooses red for his paintings and red for some other things like blocks or toys. Yes, two of his paintings were just red blotches, as if he was trying to draw a red ball. Then there was two lines that either looked like ‘1‘ or the ‘J‘ upside down.

At Cabena Occasional Care, another red ball painting.

We walked to 7-11 yesterday evening, just to get some fresh air. He loves the trip as he always gets a Slurpee. There wasn’t any red slurpees. Cola is brown, white is lemonade I guess, pink is strawberry? And another which I can’t remember. Aidan chose pink. And a red straw.

My little man speaks his choices now. On the nights that I tuck him to bed, I will ask him to sing me a song. When I request a song, for example, Let It Shine, sometimes he’ll say ‘Don wan ah. ABC?’ He loves his ABC, and we end it with ‘I Love You’ song from Barney everytime.

Sigh, my little man. Soon he won’t want me kissing and hugging in in front of his schoolfriends. Don’t all boys do that?