Before you start thinking am using profanities at my son’s blog, (you dirty-minded fellas, you!) FO is the field officer that was supposed to be at the kinder today to assess Aidan’s progress.

I was so looking forward to seeing him, but he gave me the banana skin. I was told by Lynda, this guy Alan wouldl be there today, and coincidentally, it was my fruit duty day. Meaning I had to play with the kids, cut up some fruits for the snack time, and tidy up the place, help around.

Kindy came and go, no sign of Alan. Sigh… Lynda was confused as well, as she wasn’t informed of any cancellation. We left the kinder, with Aidan all buckled up. Just then I noticed someone getting out from a car, a man with no child seat at the back of the car. So he wasn’t a dad picking up his child. He carried folders with him. And his car number plate starts with AA, which may be the abbreviation of his name Alan Angwin or something.

Dnag him. He must have mistaken the time. Dang it. The next time he’s there, I won’t be around. Nice…… not.

On a different note, Lynda told me Aidan likes red. Most activities or toys that he chooses, it is red. Yep, I have two paintings from him. Both red. And Mummy tends to choose blue or green for him.

Next time, I’ll let him choose his own things whenever possible.