If you remember this post less than 2 weeks ago about Aidan having to start using Rhinocort, this is a good post, considering I’ve been complaining for the past few posts. 🙂

We started Aidan on Rhinocort, and of course, he didn’t like something sticking up his nose. We struggled to use the spray everyday, and needless to say, he wasn’t a happy boy. After a week, he got used to the idea, and eventually allowed us to ‘medicate’ him. He even tried to stick it up his own nose just few days back.

It is less than two weeks, and we have already seen great result. No snoring, no heavy breathing while sitting down. THIS IS GREAT! It comforts us now to know he can breath easily throughout the night, getting good nights’ sleeps. The doctor did mention if this didn’t help, he needs to see an allergist, and may have to get some desensitizing done, either a jab, or oral drops to the tongue. I had a customer who came in earlier tonight and she thanked me for recommending her the FESS saline nasal spray, and told me that hopefully she won’t have to use any medication for her nasal problem for long, as she going for desensitization, and it is VERY expensive, according to her.

I am so glad that we don’t have to go through that now. Mainly Aidan is doing well, and secondly, the money of course! I didn’t ask her how much, but I expect it will be hundreds of dollars per visit. And we don’t have private health insurance.

I think it’s about time we start thinking of getting one. At least for our teeth, my prescription glasses, physiotherapy…….. etc.etc.