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Most of us in Malaysia may not have encountered this, or do not have to deal with such a problem.

It is now winter and we wear layers of clothes, and then the jackets if we need to go out. Depending on the type of material, some just slides in easily, where others, you may find that upon wearing your jacket, your long sleeve tee or blouse may have already hiked up to your upper arm or shoulder.

The solution is to hold the sleeves of the blouse, just like what I am doing (this is only an illustration) and wear the jacket or coat or parka, whatever you want to wear lar. For Aidan he wears a thermal long sleeve singlet before he puts on his flannelette PJs, so this is a bit tricky.

I will wear his singlet for him, and then he will hold on to the sleeves to put on his PJ. I didn’t teach Aidan this, but he has been doing it for a couple of days already. Great isn’t it? Either his father may have taught him, or he remembered the dvd he watched many weeks ago. Well, this is amazing, as he hasn’t been watching this dvd for quite a while.  

After his, he buttons up the PJ himself.

This is great, soon I can teach him to cook his own dinner 🙂

*ps. I checked with Wilkin and indeed he has been reinforcing the practice 🙂

when Aidan came up to me and said,

Mummy. Come. Ngook.  Took my hand and make the lead to the family room.

 Sshhhh…. puppy ‘fen gam’ (supposed to be ‘fen gau’ – sleeping)

No arr. Don wan arr, don wan arr, DON WAN ARRR.

See this? Try squinting your eyes and look to the left of the pic. After a good night’s sleep, he woke up like this 😛

I let him be for a while. May have to bring him into the salon within this week, preferably before Term 3 starts on the 16th, but I doubt I have the time. Programmes have been lined up for the next three days. Yeah, dedicated mummy me 🙂

Here’s the sideview.

Cheeky rascal!

Whatsa currer a-weh-fant?

This is one of his favourite phrase. What’s the colour of this and that. Everything single thing, he’ll ask. And I will ask him back, and he will answer his own questions 🙂

What made me laugh was yesterday, after his number two, he turned around and looked down the toilet bowl, and started asking Whatsa currer poo-poo? Choquat poo-poo!

Can anyone tell me what is the exact difference between brown and chocolate? Hahahah! Somehow describing chocolate on poo doesn’t sound too appetizing.

He still has problem with his L. He can make the sound or sing La la la, but when it comes to talking, he sounds funny.

Ngook at me!

No baby, look at mummy. Look, Llll… look.


Llll.. la la la

La la la



He is no longer happy just lying in bed with me after his milk in the morning.

He will keep saying Mummy, wiik up. Mummy, come out.

So this morning I had to drag myself out from the warm, comfy bed.  Was contemplating if I should bake an orange cake, or perhaps make some gingerbread men, but found myself cleaning up last minute as my schoolmate will be visiting with her family. Just as well I didn’t bake anything, as she brought peanut butter brownies and a whole tupperware of pineapple tarts. Along with a handbag she bought for my birthday, and her mum gave me a personally hand-knitted scarf. I am so loved!

 Aidan was shy at first, because we seldom meet up although we live only 20 minutes apart. She has her time-table with her three children and I have mine with Aidan. But he was fine with Ti Li’s mum hugged him and sat him on her laps. He warmed up soon after and they were playing together. Lunch time – Hungry Jacks. There’s no burger better than Hungry Jacks.

Aidan loved playing with the children and was okay to see them leave. He happily waved and said aloud Bye bye and Jared, Ti Li’s eldest replied with a funny sound, and Aidan was tickled pink. He was, once again, praised for his fair complexion and good looks.

Aahhh…… proud mummy 🙂

 By the way, I finished the tarts for dinner. Burp…!

After a full tummy, am much better and okay now. Here’s this morning:

Mummy! Mummy! Where’s Aidan?!

He kept calling out for me to find him. He wasn’t in the storage basket this time. The cheeky little rascal has got a new favourite spot, and EVERYTIME it has to be AFTER I made the bed.

He’s under my doona at the foot of my bed.

Here’s helping me out in the kitchen, not. He found a new toy in the funnel and having heaps of fun pouring water back and forth this and that container.

On the short note, he’s nose is still no better. I may have to resort to using Rhinocort on him, although I know he dislikes the sprays up his nose.

First, this.

Then, my mum called just now rambling on and on and on about this blog.

Okay, I admit I have done this all on my own without checking with my hubby. Insensitive of me, as I didn’t think it was any big deal.

Therefore I am now announcing this will be just a normal blog about Aidan, nothing more, because of a few sensitive loved ones, I am pressured to delete many of my previous precious posts. I wouldn’t have given a hoot about what others think, but I would like no hassle with my family and also they can be rest assured now no shame is being brought upon us, if that’s what they think.

I am still keeping thing ad free, don’t worry mates. For anyone who may have told my mother about this, please do tell her about this post. Now let HER have her peace of mind. Do tell her all about Aidan’s whats and nots, but please leave out the sensitive issues for the dear old lady. It’s a taboo for her.

Jeezzzz! To be frank, I am much peeved. All my hard work, all my personal notes, gone. I guess if can I sacrifice this to make a few pretty pleased, I need a few pats on my back.

Yes, Aidan’s kindy teacher Mrs. Lu has been very helpful and she asked me to fill in a form requesting for a field officer for Aidan next year.

What this field officer does is that she (or he, but I’ll just put she) will assist Aidan in his learning, and will assess what needs to be done, or in which area he needs more help, and working together with the kindy teachers, will build up a special program just for Aidan to work on. Yep, all this free of charge. Heck, then what do you think we are paying the sky-high taxes for?

I mentioned to Linda (Mrs. Lu) about the Occupational Therapist, and she too, was a little surprised to hear about the charges. She told me she’ll give her sister a call, who is an OT, co-incidentally, but before I could say anything, obviously she knew what my next question was 😛 , she said her sister is in Malaysia. Now isn’t that interesting?

My next step when Term 3 starts, is to check out another public school at Syndal South, and another at Ashwood, and if I find neither is good, I will enrol Aidan into St. Mary Magdalene Primary School (Catholic and semi-private). Put in a deposit and rather lose that money in case we don’t get a spot.

Back to Linda, she told me that Aidan is making great progress, wanting to interact more with other children and heads instructions very well. Well then obviously he knows who to bully then, coz he’s not heading OUR instructions! Also, I noticed he is saying a lot of things which we don’t say at home, or that we have never taught him, e.g. when I asked him to put on his jacket, he will continue by saying It’s cold outside. This, he definitely didn’t get from us.

So far so good.