I have mentioned in Bubba Stuff that Aidan wasn’t well last week.

Therefore he has been extra clingy, extra manja, extra demanding. Appetite wasn’t as good either and Wilkin was a little worried that the little rascal hasn’t done a number two for three days now. But what can I do? Shove more veggies in him tomorrow.

Today at kinder his teacher told me that he saw another boy holding onto a toy phone brought from home. He later took the phone out from the boy’s backpack and started playing with it. Naturally when this boy saw, he wanted it back and hence the tug-of-war started. Lynda, the teacher, intercepted and told Aidan he couldn’t just take something without asking. She said Aidan was fighting to hold back the tears, and eventually she asked the boy if Aidan can play with it for a while, and he said yes.

I am fine with that, as kids are kids. I don’t mind the teacher reprimanding him so long he learns.

But I am feeling a little down again after today. I asked about the incident in the car, no reply. He looked at me kind of blankly. When can I get him to understand what we are saying? He doesn’t even comprehend what yesterday is. A fine example when I asked him today what he had done at grandpa’s house yesterday. When he heard the word grandpa, he said ‘Don wan ah’. Meaning he thought we were going to my FIL’s house.

Yesterday we were at a shopping centre and he noticed a shop with a Thomas Tank play area. We were there almost ten minutes, and I told him we would leave in another two. Naturally he said no. Sometimes he’s good. He will hesitate a little while, but he will follow us. Yesterday he refused to budge. Wilkin had to carry him out and that was the end of our trip there. We told him earlier if he didn’t listen to us we will head straight home, and we stuck to our words. At home he threw up another fuss, and I sent him to his corner.

He is a stubborn child. Or is it determined? When prompted to apologize to me when he’s in a bad mood, he won’t. He wouldn’t even look at me. After a few more times, he will quite reluctantly whisper very softly, and expects forgiveness and big hugs. That’s him. The more I am angry at him, the more he will stick to me, wanting me to hug him.

But isn’t he like me? I remembered when I was in Standard Six my teacher made me said please to my classmate when I borrowed her colour pencil without asking, and I refused to say it, just because she told me off in front of the whole class. And I was sent to stand outside for the rest of the period. This is not something I am proud of, and certainly don’t want him to inherit it from me.

So what am I to do? When can I get him to understand us? When can we have a one to one complete conversation?

Yes, he has improved a lot in speech, but still way behind the others. He does sometimes makes me laugh with his words and funny imaginative plays. He has come so far in just a few short months, I should be glad. I know I shouldn’t rush it, and I am not rushing it. I guess I am only human, to feel the way I feel right now.

Will tomorrow be a better day?