My schoolmate read about Aidan’s nose and she emailed me straight away, suggesting to get Cordyceps as she has tried it herself on her son who has similar problem, and worked for him.

She said instead of getting the expensive ones, there is an option of the capsules by Cosway, which costs about RM30 for 50 capsules. I was excited and naturally wanted to give it a try. I went to Cosway this morning, but instead of getting the Cordyceps, I got this for myself:


AUD$8.50 for 20 packs. Not a bad price considering dollar to dollar. $6.80 for member. I’ll think about the membership. Most things there are not expensive anyway.

Anyway, back to the Cordyceps, they are still trying to bring it in from Malaysia, as they do not have the permit to import this product yet. Darn.  I’ve searched up the net and found this blog Audrey cooks which has great herbal remedies.

Now I will have to scout around for the real deal. I guess I have to get it from here, even if it means more expensive, as I don’t think I can bring it back from Malaysia, with the restrictions and all.