I must apologize, for scaring the wits out of some mums.

*Children shouldn’t snore*

I should add, in general. I didn’t mean all children shouldn’t snore, or that those who do snore have problems.

In Aidan’s case, it definitely raised concern in me, so I brought him for a check up. If you think your child/ren only snores occasionally, especially when he or she has a cold, and that it’s not affecting their sleep, I don’t think it’s a big worry.

Aidan is different. He breathes through his nose.  Well of course we all do! Haha. But his problem is that his nose is blocked, a little swollen and tonsils enlarged. I can actually hear him struggling for air and sometimes wakes up because he couldn’t breathe. And he doesn’t breathe through his mouth. Even if so, the underlying problem is not solved.

So mums, please. Relax. Don’t panic. You know your kids best. If you think they need professional attention, by all means get them checked up. Otherwise, don’t say SWEETPEA SAYS ALL CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SNORE! Hahhahaaaa….

The docs will kill me. (Or should they thank me for sending more patients to them?)