Aidan’s nose has reached the point that we can no longer ignore his snorings and heavy breathing.

Children shouldn’t snore.

During spring last year, he had an allergy test which confirmed that he was allergic to pollen. Then he was alright, but as winter approached, and with the use of our column gas heater, his nose stuffed up again. I cannot imagine how this column heater manage to ‘create’ dust to the extent that I have to vacuum at least the living room once in two or three days. You’d think after months of using it, even if there was dust trapped in the filter it would all have been blown out by now.

The poor boy couldn’t hardly breathe through his nose, which he wasn’t aware of when he’s asleep, but it disturbed me very much. We went to our GP twice, and he suggested to give Claratyne to Aidan for two weeks and see how it goes. Two weeks came and went, nothing changed. I tried using Fess saline nasal spray on him, and on worse nights, Otrivin junior spray, which is not recommended for long term use.

We went to see another doc just to see what he says, and he recommended Rhinocort spray for a month. His nose is a little blocked (heard that many times) and something new to us is that his tonsils are a little enlarged too, which may have contributed to his snorings as well. And if it still doesn’t work, Aidan will need to see an allergist, of which the doc has already written out a referral letter for us. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It has reached the stage that even when he is quietly sitting down, as in resting, I can hear him breathing hard.

I hope he’ll be better soon. Breaks my heart to see him like this, although he’s oblivious to it all.