With winter around, and the lack of outdoor activities, we have been spending more time indoors. Well, Aidan does not exactly mind the cold, but it’s his mummy who is refusing to move her butt from the warmth of the bed, the chair in front of the pc, and our couch.

Needless to say, he has been watching more Foxtel. I don’t know which program he picks it up from, he has been calling me Ma and Wilkin Daddy in a sing-song manner too! He still calls Mummy and Dada of course, but we know he is being cheeky when he goes Ma…aa or Dad…deee. He’s just so funny.

He is still a little clumsy, I think, and I couldn’t help comparing him with a boy we saw at Amber’s Playhouse on Saturday. Heh, this is one of the better Saturdays, no hitam 😛 This little boy looked like he is just around two years of age, but he was manouvering his trike so well. And I did make a comment to Wilkin if we have been actually over-protecting him. Apart from his kinder session where we can’t see, we are so afraid he might hurt himself that we try not to let him do things that look too dangerous.

I’d like to think myself as a carefree mum, yet I am afraid of him falling down and feeling the pain. I keep telling myself I am the cool mum, that I am okay with it. I really feel I am okay with it, but when it comes to the moment if those ladders are too high, or when he tries closing the car door, I freak out.

I don’t do what I preach.. cheh.