Most of us in Malaysia may not have encountered this, or do not have to deal with such a problem.

It is now winter and we wear layers of clothes, and then the jackets if we need to go out. Depending on the type of material, some just slides in easily, where others, you may find that upon wearing your jacket, your long sleeve tee or blouse may have already hiked up to your upper arm or shoulder.

The solution is to hold the sleeves of the blouse, just like what I am doing (this is only an illustration) and wear the jacket or coat or parka, whatever you want to wear lar. For Aidan he wears a thermal long sleeve singlet before he puts on his flannelette PJs, so this is a bit tricky.

I will wear his singlet for him, and then he will hold on to the sleeves to put on his PJ. I didn’t teach Aidan this, but he has been doing it for a couple of days already. Great isn’t it? Either his father may have taught him, or he remembered the dvd he watched many weeks ago. Well, this is amazing, as he hasn’t been watching this dvd for quite a while.  

After his, he buttons up the PJ himself.

This is great, soon I can teach him to cook his own dinner 🙂

*ps. I checked with Wilkin and indeed he has been reinforcing the practice 🙂