Whatsa currer a-weh-fant?

This is one of his favourite phrase. What’s the colour of this and that. Everything single thing, he’ll ask. And I will ask him back, and he will answer his own questions 🙂

What made me laugh was yesterday, after his number two, he turned around and looked down the toilet bowl, and started asking Whatsa currer poo-poo? Choquat poo-poo!

Can anyone tell me what is the exact difference between brown and chocolate? Hahahah! Somehow describing chocolate on poo doesn’t sound too appetizing.

He still has problem with his L. He can make the sound or sing La la la, but when it comes to talking, he sounds funny.

Ngook at me!

No baby, look at mummy. Look, Llll… look.


Llll.. la la la

La la la