He is no longer happy just lying in bed with me after his milk in the morning.

He will keep saying Mummy, wiik up. Mummy, come out.

So this morning I had to drag myself out from the warm, comfy bed.  Was contemplating if I should bake an orange cake, or perhaps make some gingerbread men, but found myself cleaning up last minute as my schoolmate will be visiting with her family. Just as well I didn’t bake anything, as she brought peanut butter brownies and a whole tupperware of pineapple tarts. Along with a handbag she bought for my birthday, and her mum gave me a personally hand-knitted scarf. I am so loved!

 Aidan was shy at first, because we seldom meet up although we live only 20 minutes apart. She has her time-table with her three children and I have mine with Aidan. But he was fine with Ti Li’s mum hugged him and sat him on her laps. He warmed up soon after and they were playing together. Lunch time – Hungry Jacks. There’s no burger better than Hungry Jacks.

Aidan loved playing with the children and was okay to see them leave. He happily waved and said aloud Bye bye and Jared, Ti Li’s eldest replied with a funny sound, and Aidan was tickled pink. He was, once again, praised for his fair complexion and good looks.

Aahhh…… proud mummy 🙂

 By the way, I finished the tarts for dinner. Burp…!