First, this.

Then, my mum called just now rambling on and on and on about this blog.

Okay, I admit I have done this all on my own without checking with my hubby. Insensitive of me, as I didn’t think it was any big deal.

Therefore I am now announcing this will be just a normal blog about Aidan, nothing more,ย becauseย of a few sensitive loved ones, I am pressured to delete many of my previous precious posts. I wouldn’t have given a hoot about what others think, but I would like no hassle with my family and also they can be rest assured now no shame is being brought upon us, if that’s what they think.

I am still keeping thing ad free, don’t worry mates. For anyone who may have told my mother about this, please do tell her about this post. Now let HER have her peace of mind. Do tell her all about Aidan’s whats and nots, but please leave out the sensitive issues for the dear old lady. It’s a taboo for her.

Jeezzzz! To be frank, I am much peeved. All my hard work, all my personal notes, gone. I guess if can I sacrifice this to make a few pretty pleased, I need a few pats on my back.