Yes, Aidan’s kindy teacher Mrs. Lu has been very helpful and she asked me to fill in a form requesting for a field officer for Aidan next year.

What this field officer does is that she (or he, but I’ll just put she) will assist Aidan in his learning, and will assess what needs to be done, or in which area he needs more help, and working together with the kindy teachers, will build up a special program just for Aidan to work on. Yep, all this free of charge. Heck, then what do you think we are paying the sky-high taxes for?

I mentioned to Linda (Mrs. Lu) about the Occupational Therapist, and she too, was a little surprised to hear about the charges. She told me she’ll give her sister a call, who is an OT, co-incidentally, but before I could say anything, obviously she knew what my next question was 😛 , she said her sister is in Malaysia. Now isn’t that interesting?

My next step when Term 3 starts, is to check out another public school at Syndal South, and another at Ashwood, and if I find neither is good, I will enrol Aidan into St. Mary Magdalene Primary School (Catholic and semi-private). Put in a deposit and rather lose that money in case we don’t get a spot.

Back to Linda, she told me that Aidan is making great progress, wanting to interact more with other children and heads instructions very well. Well then obviously he knows who to bully then, coz he’s not heading OUR instructions! Also, I noticed he is saying a lot of things which we don’t say at home, or that we have never taught him, e.g. when I asked him to put on his jacket, he will continue by saying It’s cold outside. This, he definitely didn’t get from us.

So far so good.