It’s Saturday and we went out for lunch with my FIL, and after that Wilkin said he would like to go to his brother Will’s new house to help out with the painting.

So Aidan and myself had the afternoon alone together. We went to Chaddy K-Mart to return a booster seat which I bought a few weeks back, as he managed to wiggle out from it and also unbuckle it. Bought the seat for $70 odd at a discount price, but got an exchange voucher for full price at $90. This is because I didn’t have a receipt with me. How good is that? Initially I told the girl to forget about the refund as I brought in the wrong receipt, but she said she can do it. Imagine if I had the receipt with me I wouldn’t have gotten the extra cash!

I decided I should get the five point harness. So off to Baby Bunting we went and found one which is really good. Duit sini tiga ratus dua puluh. Jika suami nampak mesti maki dan pengsan punya. Saya kena tipu sikit sini, jika dia tanya I akan jawab dua ratus lebih sikit sikit… hahahaa.

When we left the place, the car in front of me wanted to turn right, when there was huge sign saying ‘NO RIGHT TURN’. I sort of threw up my left hand saying ‘No right turn’  to myself, a little irritated because there were so many cars, and it was trying to cross the double traffic.

From behind me, a little man shouted ‘Come On!’

You can guess all you like where he learnt it from, no price for that.