There was an incident a couple of weeks back where Aidan wouldn’t wear his ‘gai-gai’ (going out) clothes after his bath.

He is usually quite compliant to whatever we tell him to do, but that day he refused to budge and kicked up a fuss. And we were going out for dinner with my FIL’s sister from Sydney too. The little rascal was tired, and wanted to put on his PJs.

Tonight it was the exact opposite. Wilkin gave him a bath, and instead of putting on the long-sleeve thin wool singlet, (Wilkin said it looks thin. ??) he wore Aidan in one of those long sleeve Ts before wearing the flanelette PJs. Aidan came running to me bottom naked happily and Wilkin had to chase after him. Upon seeing the Tigger PJ pants, he said ‘No ahh‘ and ran back into his room, and dug out a pair of jeans.

No darling, no gai-gai, you need to go to bed soon.

Started crying. Still, dug out another pair of cord pants.

No baby, we are not going out.

Cried, hung on to me like a little monkey for a good 5 minutes, still no pants.

Managed to get him to wear the PJ pants at last, and he looked at me,


Going to sleep soon already lah, haiyoh.

Sulked. Distracted him with his library book and milk.

Done.  🙂