It was in the email that got all  mums excited and trying the remedy.

Apparently if we apply some Vicks at the sole of the feet at night and keep the socks on, it will help relieve the child of coughing. I don’t know whether if it really worked, or if it was just Aidan not coughing night, he did sleep through and woke up coughing most days. Wilkin was very impressed and this was one thing that he actually recommended it to his friends.

Yesterday while I was doing some chores, the house was quiet, again.

I smelt eucalyptus in the air, and I did see Aidan sitting on the floor, in his room, holding the jar of Vicks Baby Balsam. Like I said, children see, children do. He liked it every night when I apply the balsam on his feet, and he will pretend that it’s very ticklish and turn from side to side, giggling.

I told him not to play with it, and put that back. A couple of minutes later, he was fiddling in the bathroom. He likes washing his hands now that he can turn the tap on. It was previously too tight for him.

Later in the evening. My discovery? The cold water tap was all Vicks, gooey and sticky and kinda pasty.  And all round the sink was green, green, green. What was that? My lemongrass and lime handwash. Did I forget to mention that he loves soap too?

Well, look at it this way. At least he washed his hands and there wasn’t any trace of Vicks elsewhere in the house, fingers crossed.