I slept in (again!) today.

Aidan was prancing round my bed early in the morning. Usually he will stay with me, singing his ABC songs, dig my nose, brush my hair, pull the blanket. But whatever he does, he sticks around me and wouldn’t walk out from the room until I wake up. Or until he needs to wee. Whichever comes first.

Today, I get to sleep in coz it’s Saturday and Dada was home. So I don’t have to get up to fix Aidan breakfast 🙂 Okay, so I just want to brag about this.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the park with Aidan while Dada went for his haircut. At the park, he was hopping around and I asked him,

Oohh, are you a frog? Or a bunny rabbit?

He turned around and looked at me, a little annoyed (yes, there was this look on his face) and said,

Ama kangaroo!

Believe you me, THAT look, was like I asked a dumb question. Huh?! When did my boy learn this? But I am so glad, that this was one of the rare moments where I get a spontaneous two-way conversation with him. I am keeping my fingers crossed to have more of this sort of conversation with him. That will be so nice.

I realized earlier that Wilkin and myself have been doing things without explaining to Aidan, for example, buttoning his clothes, taking off his pants, washing his hands, you get me. Of late, I told Wilkin to explain to Aidan whatever we are doing, and I have been telling Aidan when he started to pull at his clothes, to get it off, that it was taking off his clothes. And also when I saw him doing that, I will ask him if he wanted to take off his jacket.

I was doing something and he came up to me today, and said Take off, while pulling at his sweater. Another good moment.

As for some words, he’s graduating slowly. From Eh Kiu (Thank you) now he says Bank kiu or Banks (Thanks). Today he said Bank kiu Mummy after getting a strawberry liquorice from me.

I am happy.