He did it again today!

He actually tried it again this morning, but I managed to stop him in time.

Then in the evening just before Dada came home, he did it, not as much as yesterday, but enough to cover one leg. I scolded him, through whatever voice I have left, sounded broken, coz I have a cold, and piak piak his hands. Tears welled in his eyes, trying hard not to cry.ย Then two drops came rolling down his cheeks.

Dada got in and saw his red eyes, and said he must have been naughty eh? Anyway, all forgotten in about 10 seconds.

Today I tookย a sicky. Got a cold, nothing to it really, but I thought I haven’t taken a sicky for so long, and I had to go to my doc to get my blood test and ultrasound reports on my thyroids, so I might as well get a medical cert. from him ๐Ÿ˜› Hey! I DO sound sick, coz my colleague didn’t recognize my voice and thought how come this ‘man’ knew her name, and she nearly freaked out.

And so today, I really did …. NOTHING! ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to my friend’s place so her son Eric and Aidan can play together, then we went yum char for lunch, back to her place, and then straight to the doc. In the evening, our happy family went out for dinner, so no cooking for me *double smiles*

Now, off to make a warm mug of honey and lemon drink.