No post so far because Aidan has been the same same. No up the wall incident since the last, and nothing funny or anything significant happened.

We are still waiting for the call from Warooga. I don’t think they are too keen. They didn’t show the eagerness either, or keen on keeping a few of us last year when we said we won’t be attending their classes this year. Such enthusiasm does rub on. Gee…. If only they were not one of the more convenient location, we wouldn’t have bothered too. I left messages twice so far.

I do hope Irabina will have some good news for us for the second half of the year, otherwise it will have to be next year. Meanwhile, Aidan is doing great on things like learning to button up, zip and now attempting to solve the ‘buckle’ mystery. He loves wearing the belt for Dada. He is so far good with other things like wearing his own socks and shoes, (when he feels like it or when he’s behaving like an angel) jacket, pouring his own drink, my expensive bottle of Goji juice, without spilling a drop.

Still waiting for the receipt from Anna the psychologist to claim on Care Plan. Darn. I’ll have to give her a call tomorrow. Why can’t some professionals be more efficient with their paperworks? She probably should know we rather have our money in our pocket for rainy days rather than leaving it somewhere out there with Medicare.

Freezing and raining at 2.35am right now, and only 2 freaking degree Celcius! Koonite!