I had a short chat with Aidan’s kindy teacher Linda today when I picked him up.

She told me that he’s taken an interest in one of the little girls *eyebrows shot up* and was following her around the playground. I hope she didn’t think he was stalking her! They played together and jumped on the board which acts as a bridge between two what it looks like to me, step ladders. Linda observed that Aidan was trying to chat to the girl, telling her that his sleeve was wet. He did say ‘Wet’ to her.

On another occasion, he was pushed to the ground, he went up to Linda with tears in his eyes, seeking comfort.

Then there was this time what Linda thought he had something in his mouth, and he showed his tongue to her, pointing at it. She couldn’t work out what it was, maybe paint or something that left a funny taste, but she offered him water, and he repeated ‘Water’, meaning yes.

So, she said that these are little things that she noticed, which makes her think that he’s making a great progress there, although more exercise will be needed to stimulate his brain.

With the first observation, it was a far cry two weeks ago when we were at McDonalds.ย  A little boy named Elijah was actually trying to be friends with Aidan, and asked his name. Naturally, Aidan didn’t reply, but I did encourage him to tell Elijah his name. They then kind of played together, but Aidan didn’t seem too keen. Poor Elijah may be wondering if there was something wrong with his making friends skill.

Note for the day, am glad to hear this report today, and he has been an angel since theย Shanghai noodles incident.