I failed to mention that I slept like a log on Sunday.

How so? I woke up to a nice warm much smaller body next to me, rather than my hubby’s. Eh? When did he climb in? Usually I will hear the heavy pitter patter of his feet, but not that day. Wilkin was already up and gone, to the gym.

I questioned Wilkin when he got home, and he asked ‘Didn’t you know he slept with us? He came in about 4am.’

Alamak! No, I didn’t know. If I knew, much as I like him to bed in bed with us, I would have shoo-ed him back into his own bed. I didn’t want to make it a habit. It is fine if he has already woken up and come lie down with me in the mornings, or we take a nap together in the afternoons, but I am quite strict in this sense, he has to sleep in his own bed. I’d rather sleep over on his bed if he kicked up a fuss, which I did a few times over the years.

On Aidan’s progress, nothing significant, but he is improving on his drawing skills. I should take a pic when I have the chance. He can draw smile (just two eyes and an up curve), sad (two eyes and a down curve) cry (sad and teardrops, this I teach, hehe) and is able to right the numbers 1 and 2, and letter Z (facing the opposite way). Can draw circle, an out-of-shape triangle, and a somewhat square 🙂

When Wilkin’s aunt was here from Sydney last week, she was surprised to hear Aidan spelling in a funny language. For example MONKEY, he will go ‘Mmm..Oh…Nnn…Kkhh…Ehh…..Yuh.’ I told her about the Starfall site and that he was learning phonics. To be honest, I am a tad worried that he will spell like this. I know he knows his alphabets well, but I don’t want him to be confused with the two. But I guess I can correct this by assisting him. More homework for me 😛

More on his cheekiness. He always wants one of us to accompany him to the toilet. He will run to either of us and say ‘Wee wee arr’ in a question mark tone. And we will always say ‘Go yourself’ and he will shake his body is a tantrum style, (but not throwing a tantrum, luckily) and go’ Err, err, err, err…’   You get what I mean? Appreciate any tips on this. I know he is very capable of going to the toilet himself, because I have spied (naughty mummy!) on him at school. Any reason why he is acting this way?

Cheeky bub!