Can one young harmless almost 4 year old boy drive us, two fully grown adults, up the wall?


It was just like any other Sunday morning. Aidan woke up, heard his pitter patters (loud pitter patters at that) charging towards our room and straight into our bed. He had his usual milk, and four chocolate fingers. Not exactly a healthy breakfast, but we were going to have brunch with my DIL and his sister, who was flying back to Sydney later in the afternoon.

We had lunch at a Shanghai restaurant, and all Aidan had was the thick stir-fried noodles. After that, he had us up to our necks for the rest of the day.

He was whinge-y at Target, refusing to leave when not given what he wanted. At good times he will listen, and easily bribed. Not today. He was demanding, wanting just ME to carry him, and when I don’t, he will stand right in front of me, blocking my way.

We had to get our groceries super quick, mood sombre, snappy.

Back home, things didn’t improve much. We knew he was tired, being awake so early, but he was like a livewire. I tried getting him to sleep with me, only to end up me asleep and him disturbing his already not-so-cool Dada. All the while, I could here him running up and down (floorboards) and jumping and just not sitting still.

WHAT ON EARTH DID HE EAT TODAY?! The chocolate fingers is something he had from the same packet for the past two days. Perhaps the noodles then? It must be that. We had the noodles before, somehow I reckon Aidan’s behaviour today has something to do with it. Extra or different MSG?

He refused to change when it was time they go over to my DIL’s for dinner, and I off to work. Boy, was I glad to get away! Wilkin was already very grumpy and I told him to go over earlier, he said he didn’t feel like going over with Aidan acting like this. And I said it will be better for him to go, at least he can take a break and a breather, while DIL and Bessie can mind Aidan for a while.

After much persuasion, I managed to change this little monkey’s clothes, and then he refused to let me go to work. ??!!! Whingeing, whingeing, whingeing. And Wilkin said, that was it. He called his dad to tell him they were not going over. Switched on Starfall for Aidan to distract him for a while and I left without saying goodbye.

All the while at work I was hoping Wilkin wouldn’t kill Aidan 😛 and I called to check in at 8.30pm. The little brat was already asleep.

Shanghai stir-fried thick noodles at Bob’s Kitchen = BANNED!