Aidan’s fine motor skills are getting better.  Here he is putting shoe strings through the holes. Got this pack from Art Riot and cost only a few dollars. There are a few more cards in the pack with numbers and other colourful strings.

We had a fine day today, and I had almost three hours to myself shopping at Chaddy. Bought a little prezzie from my grand-niece in KL and believe it or not, the cost of postage is more expensive than the present. Everything was fine, and we even took an arvo nap together, as Aidan obviously looked really flat out. I had to wake him up at 5pm as we were going out for dinner with my DIL and her sister who just arrived from Sydney today.

And boy…. did Aidan make a fuss. He wouldn’t even look at his Dada, and wanted to stick like glue to me. I had to get myself and him ready, and he cried non-stop, up till 6.15pm when we left the house. Wilkin stayed away the whole time, which was good, as I knew he would have ‘blown up’ too after one solid hour. And I thought those baby days are over. In the car I tried distracting him with lots of things, and eventually he took to the mobile phone, although upon reaching the restaurant he repeated the stints.

Eventually he warmed up to the place, looking at the fish tank, and enjoying the prawn crackers. I was a little tired by the time we got home. After his shower, he played a little and I told him to go to bed. He looked at me and said ‘Milk?’

D’oh! That’s right! Silly mummy… how can I forget that?! Smart boy 🙂