Wilkin took a sicky today as he’s got a cold.

I didn’t know about it and of course he didn’t wake me up to tell me. He was up early though, not sick enough to miss the gym. The first thing I knew was that Aidan climbed into bed beside me, giving me his empty bottle. I thought that was kind of strange, as Wilkin would have already left for work when Aidan wakes up. So there was three possibilities. One, Aidan woke up super early. Two, Wilkin went to work a little late and three, I forgot to wash the bottle last night?

Couldn’t be number three as even so, Aidan won’t take the used bottle from the kitchen and gave it to me. Anyway, I drifted back to Slumberland and Aidan, as usual, entertained himself beside me. He is like that. He won’t go to the family room to play, he won’t wake me up asking me to switch on the TV. He will play by himself beside me, pulling my doona, flying like Superman onto me, stroking my hair, poking my nose.

Confirmed he doesn’t have a hearing problem as at the slightest click, he ran out from the room towards the kitchen, stared at the back door for a while, and dashed back very excitedly into my bed, climbing underneath the doona. This is a game we play. Whenever Wilkin comes home, we will both ‘hide’ underneath the doona, him shouting ‘Dada! Where’s Aidan?!’ and Wilkin will come stomping into the room and ‘discover’ him. He gets so much laugh out of this and the hiccups after it too.

I thought I heard a click too, but I thought I was wrong. Aidan was so excited under the doona and I felt a little sad to tell him ‘No Aidan, Dada went to work. He’s not home.’ But hey, 30 seconds later I got a surprise. With Wilkin home I got to do more housework and finished just in time to send Aidan to Wayburne. Then we went to Chaddy, walked around and had lunch at Pancake Parlour. I’ve been craving for pancakes for quite a while and I ordered a short stack (2 pieces) with caramelised walnuts and ice cream. MMmmmm….. lovely.

Believe it or not, this is the first ever time for us to go out without Aidan, not running an errand or doing something, but actually has nothing to do, sitting there and enjoying lunch, just the two of us. AND I FELT AWKWARD! Hahhaaha…… funny or not? Me. Feeling awkward with my own hubby. He must be relaxed too, as we talked about his family, then about Aidan, and agreeing to what I had to say most of the time. I know! I should’ve gone a step further and asked for the impossible, hehe. Like getting rid of the big dining table so I can hopefully redecorate the place.

Wow… if he can pull more sickies like today, then we can pakto more, ya? Put some sparks back in, eh?