How’s that?

I didn’t realize he drew this until much later in the afternoon. I was very, very, pleasantly surprised. I asked him what it was, and he replied ‘Smiling’….. well, of course not the exact pronounciation, but I knew what he meant.

I really do not know what to think of this at the moment. I have reached the confusion stage, or rather, is it denial stage? It can’t be denial stage, as I know clearly he does have developmental delay, yet with all the materials I have been gathering information from, even the mildest form of ASD, he seems far better than that. I am definitely confused.

His milestones so far, he has learnt to keep his blanket on! He used to turn like the hands on the clock and will kick the blanket off. Lately, it stays. As I wake up later than Wilkin, I did ask him one day if he tucked Aidan up in the morning. He said no. So it was great news for me. Just in time for winter. Usually I will have to tuck the blanket firmly into the sides of the bed.

Although he presents repetitive play, it’s nothing like what I read. He doesn’t get upset when I interrupt him. He more than welcomes me to join in the game. He even wants me to stay in the toilet with him when he does his number 2s. Heh. He’ll say ‘Mummy tays’ (Mummy stay) and would want me to read his Winnie the Pooh ‘Tohwistime’ (Storytime) to him. ‘Snake’ will be ‘nakes.’ Unlike classic symptoms of an autistic child, he is easy-going, flexible, and easily adapts to changes. This is very apparent as he has no problem when we flew back to Malaysia for the past three years, or staying up late on weekends in our friend’s place.

I borrowed a book from the library yesterday with action words and pictures, and today, he remembered most of them. Wilkin has gone through it with him last night when I was at work obviously. There are words like, walk, run, jump, climb, pull, push, wave, share, stir, laugh, press, carry, etc. Although I am impressed, I am a little reserved. I kind of read about thinking in pictures by Dr. Temple Grandin, and I am thinking ‘photographic memory’ perhaps?

He is doing well with his phonics though, for example I got him to spell out each letter of the word ‘PULL’ and he did go ‘P – puh’ and so on. We are so keeping our fingers crossed that he can only improve.