Went to our GP for two things, after dropping Aidan off at Cabena.

First, all about me. I wanted a TSH test done. I’ve been told many years, many times, by many people, including doctors I know back in repping days, that my neck looks kinda funny. I didn’t bother. Not until someone recently told me it may have something to do with my hair loss. After examining me, she gave me the go ahead for this test as well as an ultrasound. Gee… so it was obvious to her too. If my hair loss has got anything to do with the result, I’ll kick myself for leaving this so long.

Secondly, I showed her the paperwork. She said it’s best for the paediatrician to sign it. Afterall, she was the one who recommended an assessment in the first place. So, I quickly called Dr. Heathershaw up, knowing that the appointment list is always long. And here we have it. June 19th. Geezzz…. to think you have to line up to give them money 😛

Then I drove over to Warooga, handed in a copy of Aidan’s report to this early intervention centre. I called Geraldine yesterday and I think they are happy to have him back, most probably on Monday afternoons. I’ll be waiting for a call from one of their therapists these few days.

I went to the Glen, bought some scrapbooking stuff. I plan to do a little decorating on the notice board where it will be used together with Aidan, showing him the days and what he can expect to do on that particular day, e.g. Monday school, Thursday swimming. Sort of like a routine where he can look forward to.

Then I bumped into Sue and her son Nicholas, who also attended Warooga early intervention last year. It was great because we started sharing stories right away over Gloria Jeans coffee. Nicholas was diagnosed as autistic as well last year, and I got valuable information from her on where I can get support and help. We plan to get in touch with another mum Kaye, so we can have a get-together some time. Great day so far…. except for feeling brrrr… cold.

Gotta go sort out the paperwork and appointments again. So, guess who’s doing all the secretarial work at home?