He did it!

Sorry I don’t know how to embed the clip here. WordPress is depressing.

See what he just did? He managed to pair up those shapes and alphabets, I don’t know what his brain was thinking, shapes or alphabets, but he paired them! Although still clumsy with the mouse and using two hands, he did it! Earlier he was holding Puppy and telling me something like ‘Outside done’ and repeated it twice when I didn’t get it. And then I realized he was actually trying to tell me he was holding Puppy ‘Upside Down’! He loves Puppy a lot. If you are wondering, it’s the Avatar I use on MyBlogLog and Yahoo Messenger. Wow…. this is going really good. I am loving every moment of it, EXCEPT, when he wakes up from his arvo nap, he cries and wants only me. We just had a bout of it earlier in the evening. Anyway, am still 50-50 on contacting the early intervention centre again. Maybe I should ask Becci for a referral, then they are more likely to accept us again, if I decide to go back that is. I know it’s not a bad move, but he’s showing so much improvement. I donno…..

And hey, can anyone tell me how to change these flickr pics on my sidebar to MY OWN pics? Pretty please?