Yes, I have a new butler. I hope he remembers what to do or repeat what he had done this morning.

 Funny how he always wants me to go to the toilet with him when he can fairly well wee by himself, although a little messy 😛 Just this afternoon I think he purposely aimed a little higher and the wee splattered the rim of the bowl. And I said ‘Haiyah, I just cleaned the toilet bowl.’ And he went ‘Heeheeheehehehehee’……

Anyway, he wanted me to go to the toilet with him, and dragged me out of my comfy, warm, soft, siggghhh…. oh yeah, my bed. Okayy, okayyy. I got up and never would I have guessed what he did next. He got my pair of spectacles ready for me! So he actually noticed, after 3 1/2 years, that I need my specs first thing in the morning to move around! I was surprised, and happy of course. And I said ‘Thank you’ and gave him a big kiss.

Then earlier in the afternoon, I heated up my wheat pack. I like to put in on my lap while I click away on the keyboard. Keeps me warm. When the microwave beeped after four minutes, I was doing something else. Aidan took it out, and brought the wheat pack to me, holding it with both hands, rather heavy, and said ‘Warm’.

That was SO cute. I was surprised by him again for the second time on the same day. I had to give him such a BBBIIIIGGGGG hug.

He loves his Efalex now, and even pours himself a big helping of Goji Juice everyday. He drinks it more often than I do! And THAT, is expensive 😛

Is it that he’s really picking things now, or should I reward the points to Efalex again?