Aidan is not too keen for grainy stuff. I can’t buy the multi-grain bread which I sometimes like to eat, but because I know he’ll turn the other way, I have to settle for wholemeal.


FIL likes to go to the casino and waste a little time at the 1cents pokies and slot machines. And each time he reaches a certain amount of points, he can redeem those with lollies, chocolates, peanuts, jellies, and in this case, the crackers.

Previously he had always brought a whole bag of jelly babies, or Marzella jubes. All full of sugar. And I always had to hide it from Aidan, either take these packs to work to share with my colleagues, or wallop them all by myself 😛 I didn’t quite like him giving Aidan lots of lollies, but how do I tell him?

As with other times, I will offer Aidan a piece and look at his reaction. He is such a little puppy. He will sniff it, lick it a bit, and if he likes it he’ll eat it. Otherwise, he’ll either turn away, or will go pttthh pptthh if the food has already entered his mouth. But for this multi grain cracker, he loves it. Made in Malaysia some more! I put 5 pieces in his tupperware as snack at Cabena yesterday morning, all gone!

Now I will have the excuse to tell my DIL to get these biccies instead of those lollies 🙂