Is that a cyclist? NO! Is that a drummer? NO!



Hah! How do you like it? My own little hero. The helmet looks all wrong I know. He put it on himself.

I told Wilkin we must really keep in check of how we swear, what we swear. For goodness sake, STOP SWEARING!! He learned so quickly I just couldn’t hold my tongue in time. He follows us on ‘Oh S***’ when things go wrong, like when he got the wrong puzzle piece in the wrong place.

But yesterday, I don’t know whether it’s my corrupted mind thinking still, I could have sworn (okay! okay!) I heard him say ‘Faag you’ 

My heart skipped a beat. I calmly asked him what he said, and he just looked at me and smile. And earlier tonight, he said the word again. This time Wilkin was around. I am 101% sure he did not hear this from me. This is not my favourite term, and it’s not on my list. Too vulgar, too direct. I asked Wilkin if he said it in front of Aidan, but he wasn’t sure. Not on purpose of course, but I was thinking if he was on the phone with a friend, and Aidan picked it up.

Oh dear, oh dear. So I told him to clip his tongue from now on. And not to over-react if Aidan said it again.

Oh dear…… hand me the minyak angin please!!

*minyak angin – inhalant with menthol