It’s our weekly affair, us going to either Boxhill or Glen Waverley to buy groceries and have lunch, with my FIL.

Wilkin has mentioned he didn’t quite like his dad sitting at the front as my FIL will constantly voice his ‘concerns’ and ‘scare-kedy’ remarks when Wilkin drives. For me, can’t say I am used to it, but I’ve mastered the art of keeping silent.

And so, FIL will sit at the back with Aidan. Am sure he likes that as well. Today, as usual, FIL played with Aidan and teased him, and Aidan said ‘Ye Yeh, DON’T!’ (Ye yeh means Grandpa in Cantonese) Wilkin and myself couldn’t help but laughed simultaneously, and I reported that Aidan has never said this before. Later he got a little annoyed I think, when FIL kept on teasing him, and he shouted ‘NO!’ Now, although that was funny, but I had to draw the line there, telling him one, it’s not nice to shout and two, he can’t shout at his grandpa.

Hmm….. could it be the Efalex at work?