Just a little diary and update since…….

Less temper tantrums. More likely to understand, or as far as I can observe, actually taking in and digesting my words. Used to be a no-no when I said no ice-cream now, lunch first. But these few days he seemed to understand what I am saying, but most importantly, trust me on that.

Meaning, I have to honour my part of the deal.

He still goes back to the occasional ‘uh-uh-uh’ when he wants something, but I will just look at him and he knows that I want him to tell me, so, it’s something on-going but working. Like today, we had a long walk at Pakenham Lakeside and he was obviously tired from walking, poor bubby, he turned to me and said ‘Mummy, pou.’ (Pou meaning carry in Cantonese)

Relates funny stories sometimes that sends me cracking up. Dino shrunk, so we put it into a small tub of water, and it grew to its full size again. Aidan saw Dino in the water and said ‘Dinosaur swimming’. Today he was in bed with me for arvo nap, not that he had a nap, I fell asleep instead. He had all his favourites with him and was counting them…’Puppy, and Quackquack, and Eeyore, and Hoopla (rhino), and Honey Bear, and Leopard, and chow chow (smelly blankey). I know, that’s a LOT of favourites. And if one is missing, because I hid it, he will go ‘Where Puppy? Where?’ and goes round the rooms searching for it.