Things has been going smoothly these few days.

Aidan has less tantrums, or maybe he’s just getting what he wants? 😛  We didn’t do much on Sunday. Slept in (me), went to Chaddy, walked, ate, bought some groceries, came home and relaxed till I had to get ready for work. The usual.

On Monday it was fruit duty day for me at Aidan’s pre-school. Meaning I had to stay there for the whole session, with the first hour playing with the children, which was nice. I think Aidan was a little baffled as to why I was there but not attending to him. Good thing he did not make a fuss and sat down to join the other children I was helping with the puzzles. Then it was time to sing and dance for them, and my time to cut up the fruit to bite-size pieces as snacks for them. I had to prepare them in four plates, and filled the plastic mugs with water. The two teachers and myself played waitresses to all these little patrons and boy, were they demanding! ‘I want the blue mug’, ‘I want the purple mug’, ‘I want more grapes’, ‘I don’t like the bananas’, and so on and so forth.

When they were finished, it was outdoor play time, and washing up time for me. Pretty strict but good rules they have on the kitchen notice board. To use yellow sponge to wipe down the tables and bences and the pink sponge for the plates and mugs. Save all food scraps for Aussie the parrot or Noodle the guinea pig, or maybe for some other purpose, I don’t know.

Linda the kindy teacher told me that Aidan responses better to orders better now. And the two carers at the Cabena Occasional Care on Tuesday commented Aidan has grown taller, again. It is too, he looks such a big boy now.