I finally got to go to my hairdresser today. Not that I wasn’t free because of Aidan, but because I try not to colour my hair too much until the greys are disgustingly unbearable. Plus too long makes my hair fall out all the more. The main reason is that my hairdresser was on holiday back to KL and went to China!

I had to say a quick goodbye to Aidan this morning before I left as I wasn’t sure if he was okay to let me go. He is definitely okay with me going to work, apart from a couple of times when he woke up on the wrong side of the bed after his arvo nap. I joined him, Wilkin and my FIL for lunch and when I said I have to go in a different car, he wasn’t happy. Hence, I had to drive Wilkin’s car as the carseat is there.

Got him to take his arvo nap today. Wilkin and myself were in the lounge room, me reading the paper, when he stomped out after a couple of hours later, with pouting lips and watery eyes. He realized I wasn’t in the bed with him and pulled me back into bed. See, he sleeps in our bed in the afternoons, easier for me when I needed a nap too, and in his own bed at night. And all evening, he just wanted me.

I love the feeling knowing that he prefers me, but I am also worried if there is a reason for it. Nothing bad of course. He loves school and everything is fine. Suppose he is twisting me around his little finger?!  Not that he isn’t already!

Tonight I told Wilkin to take a look at Aidan’s feet and tell me what’s wrong with his fourth toesies. He too, noticed that they’re ‘crooked’.

Do you suppose something can be done about that? I guess the next person to see is a podiatrist. I think I need one friend in every profession. That will save me heaps of money…