It’s Aidan’s first day for swim lessons this term, and still in the ‘Starfish’ group. That’s the most basic class. And I guess the meaning of Starfish here is them not going anywhere and stuck by the wall.. hahaha.

We’ve got a new girl instructor today, I’ve already forgotten her name. Although I haven’t compared her ways of teaching to Megan, last term’s instructor, I still prefer Megan. I was hoping to see Megan’s face when we got there. I guess it’s just me. Then again, I prefer Aidan seeing the familiar face, although he has his friend Joshua with him. Class was only half an hour, but we played for another hour. This time I brought those shoulder floats. I want him to float by himself at the big pool and not cling to me. And it went great. He enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to leave that pool for the toddler’s.

Back home I think he was a little tired, but fought sleep. So I distracted him and gave him some bubble games to play with. He somehow got into a little mischief and I didn’t realize it till hours later. Nothing much really, but a little inconvenient.

For the past few days he has been going to the toilet by himself more, except for the mornings. He is totally independant for Number Ones but he wants me with him at times. So, this is another happy report.

We had a good mother-son bonding time today and right now, I have to get him away from the mud at the back.