I wanted to send Aidan to Cabena for at least an hour or so before heading of to the psychologist’s clinic in Elsternwick, but I enjoyed sleeping in more.

Aidan has to miss his first day at Cabena but I went in anyway to drop off the money for the raffle tickets to Leslie, the carer. Told her the reason and I left Aidan in the car for a while, for I know if I brought him in, he wouldn’t want to leave. He was looking forward to it, and he recognized the many humps we always have to drive pass on leading to the place.

Anyway, reached the clinic on the dot. The speech pathologist (SP from now on) sat with me for the two hours asking questions and assessing the CARS rating, while the psychologist played structured games with Aidan. Time and time again the SP will ask me if I noticed Aidan playing with a certain manner, when she saw him paying very close attention to the wheels of Thomas the Tank, or some other things that he did that made her think in her professional point of view.

I understand where she’s coming from, but as a parent to my son, I also know that he is very fascinated with toys that are new to him. I think the same goes for any other child, too. BUT, overall, at the end of the session, when I asked how it went, although they can’t tell me anything definite yet, they were happy that he was responsive and interacted well. Aidan seemed to love the big pictures, or large picture books, and lost interest when he was shown more text. I did tell the SP that he’s not really into books, and it could be our fault as parents, not to read to him as often as we like.

The psychologist was pleased that he repeated some play that she introduced, indicating that he remembered, and also that he was willing to interact. He seemed not to hear anyone calling him when he was engrossed with a certain toy, and I did tell them this. Takes after his dad, selective hearing.

He got a compliment that he has been always getting since he was a baby… he’s got a very sweet smile. Always smiling. That made me smile too 🙂  and proud :)) And I felt good to be told that I am on the right track with him now, when I told them we are talking to him more now, and getting him to talk more and ask for things he wants, or taking him to the park I mentioned that was good for his co-ordination skill.

We’ll be going back in two week’s time just to see the SP this time, and then Wilkin has to come along for the third visit for the feedback. From there, we’ll see what the outcome is and what needs to be done.