The weekend has been pretty much uneventful, with us and my FIL going to Boxhill for groceries and lunch. Aidan still wants me to carry him, don’t know why. He doesn’t want his dad, not his grandpa, not anyone. Just ME. Should I be flattered?

I bought Scott’s Emulsion today, and when we got home, I mixed it with a teaspoon of Efalex. To me it smells pretty yummy. Aidan loves Scott’s Emulsion. But he immediately knew something was wrong with the taste with the first sip and refused to drink up the whole 20mls. Smart alec.

So I stirred the mixture vigorously and gave it to him, and somehow tricked him, or maybe he knew but since it wasn’t the oily top part, it was okay with him. Today I mixed it with orange juice, did the same, and he refused again at first, but he finished it again. That’s good.

I got the Bumble Bee Action Words Volume 1 – 3 for Aidan from Ebay and today I put it on for him. Volume 1 is just simple words like eat, drink, sleep, smile, jump, etc. with kids doing some cute and silly actions, and he loved it. I know it sounds too simple for his age, but I want him to actually speak out. I hope this will encourage him to do that.

He did actually asked me to carry him today instead of the usual ‘Uh, uh, uh,’ and Wilkin was pleased. If he is improving, I was thinking, should we hang on to the appointment? But I quickly dismissed that thought for I was thinking more about saving the money rather than for his treatment. How selfish of me.

Term Two starts tomorrow and he’ll be back to school. In fact, he has been asking about it a few days back. He looked at me and said ‘School’ many times, as if asking to go to school. Well, am glad he loves school and he’ll be excited tomorrow morning.