We went to Forest Hills Chase for our 12noon appointment with a naturopath.

Although the assessment may not pin-point specific types of foods that Aidan may be allergic to, it gives us the overall idea where he is right now. She uses something that looks like an electro-strap, which she strapped it around Aidan’s waist, or an adult’s head. It is non-invasive and Helen was very informative and friendly. Should we want to know the specific types of food, she said we will need to provide a little blood sample from Aidan for a lab that tests for 1gG 5, 40 or 93 Food Sensitivity Panels. And that will cost $75, $240 and $360 respectively, non-claimable from Medicare. We will not go that far at the moment.

Back to the test. It matches Aidan’s biochemistry and gathers information electronically and then make an assessment and report. At least now we know Aidan’s nutritional status.

According to the report, Aidan is overall very healthy, and Helen did mention that she hasn’t seen quite a healthy boy for a long while. Well, that pleased me immensely. The highest allergy report, although all not significant, is POLYURETHANE. Next is horse hair, and amazingly, chickpeas. Then of course there are these flower pollen and pollen extracts, which we already know.

And he is extremely low on the good oils. His cellular vitality index is ONE. (6+ for normal, below 3 chronic) Although we do not eat a lot of fish often enough, I am very surprised because Aidan is still on the S26 Toddler formula which I mix with his cow’s milk as he likes the vanilla taste. And that contains those goodies.

Helen recommended Efalex, flaxseed oil or cod liver oil to be added to Aidan’s diet. I HAVE EFALEX IN MY PANTRY CUPBOARD! I bought that near six months ago for Aidan. It smells pleasant enough, lemon lime or something like that, but of course it tasted just like oil. Aidan, well obviously, he didn’t like it, and I didn’t persevere. He likes Scott’s Emulsion though. Finished that about 2 months ago and I didn’t think of it again. Am going to get it tomorrow! But definitely will try the Efalex again.

The other thing is some minerals, but not significant.

I am not a naturally very healthy in eating person, but I am pleased with myself that so far, we do not have excessive junk food in our kitchen. I only buy the very occasional soft drinks during the summer months and the reason I do not keep chips and biscuits at home, for a very selfish reason. So I cannot binge at night 🙂

Now the next step is to wait for Tuesday to come…