I have my new header up today, thanks yet to another blogger friend of mine.It’s not hard to imagine, in a world full of twisted things, there are still lots of lovely and warm people making things better.

It’s the end of Easter break today, and I am silently rejoicing the beginning of a new week. Time spent together as a family has been great, but it was a real challenge. I had to keep up with Aidan’s demands and tantrums. He has been wanting just ME to carry him wherever we go. I can’t find a reason why. And he is about 18kg. Imagine someone like me who’s been lacking of exercise having to add 2 big sacks of rice or potato, whichever you like to imagine, to my weight, and walking a distance….. not an easy job.

Also I had to keep my cool with my hubby as he was not keeping his, obviously, when our little one played up. I will post the stories on my other blog. Not today though. Keep posted, maybe tomorrow when I have the peace and quiet with one less male in the house πŸ˜›Β Is it just me? Or do most mums feel this way? I love our family together, yet it seems to me that it’s just too much for me to handle the both of them together and yearn for some time alone.

Is it hubby that is not giving me enough support? He is great with Aidan. Or maybe we need more space to ourselves? Like a bigger place? *hint hint*….. giggles. Oh well, I can’t complain. At least we have the place to ourselves, although I would love a personal space I can call my own. Am sure hubby will feel the same way, a study room to himself. And a rompers room where Aidan can wreck up anything he wants in there.

That will be perfect.