Aidan’s got lots of easter eggs as present from his grandad, our friends and our neighbour. I had to hide most from him and I’ll eat half of them 😛

Diet? Oh well, it’s Easter right? And the packet I bought him? He didn’t like it. Why? I think it was mixed with dark chocolate and that smart alec tasted the difference right away and ptoooii it into my palm. So I brought it to work, just to share the love handles around 😛

Vince’s parents, Santina and Vic, bought Aidan a Wiggles and CD set book. They wrapped it in tissue, and when I gave it to Aidan, he could see through it and excitedly tore the tissue open. I am happy that he can relate more things now, when he looked at Jeff and said ‘Jeff tired, Jess seng kam.’ The word ‘seng kam’ is actually ‘fun gau’ in Cantonese, which means sleeping. One of those words only parents know 🙂


Hand to ball co-ordination, or rather, bat to ball co-ordination – Good. Wilkin finally got up to the gutter and retrieved the plastic ball that Aidan threw up like, a month ago, just now, after he threw the mini basketball up there too. He started batting the ball a few times, and I noticed that it’s not too bad.

Need to work more on the feet co-ordination now and also ‘catch’.