HAPPY EASTER! Tis the time of the year to gain a couple of pounds and be happy still. 

It’s Easter for Aussies and Ching Ming for Asians here. Well, Ching Ming was yesterday. It’s an annual affair where we pay respect to our loved ones who passed away and ancestors. Many Asians will take the opportunity to go today as it’s the long weekend.

 We did just that and had lunch at a Malaysian restaurant with my in-laws.

Then we went to a park where there has this rope-climbing  structure. Two months back Aidan wasn’t even interested in it. Today he was trying to climb it and although he didn’t go far up, it was a really good try. I noticed that he wasn’t as co-ordinated as other children, but he was doing just great today.

There is also this 2-bars slide where he has to hang on to it by the underarms and slide down. Today was his first try at it, and I was a nervour wreck, trying to hold on to him in case he fell. I realized I had to let him try on his own, and bit at my fingernails. And he did it! He fell twice, more like ‘oh-this-is-what-happens-if-I-let-go’ fall rather than being not co-ordinated.

The more I think about it, and after a talk with my colleague pharmacist, she mentioned about co-ordination. Good point. I will definitely let the speech pathologist know of this concern. It’s difficult for me to explain, but it’s something like there is a missing link between the brain and the mouth, and the brain and the muscles. Self note :

Fine motor skills:

Painting – he is starting to enjoy it more at pre-school now, with firm strokes and circles.

Puzzles – love them, great at it.

Playdough – Aidan didn’t quite like messy play initially, but he’s getting there. Although playdough is not his favourite, he now loves hand and finger painting, shaving mousse and dirt from the backyard. Yep.

Cutting – I can say he’s good at it, but he is holding the scissors firmly and cutting the paper, although he has yet to master to cut around the shapes.

Threading – I am still working on this. He doesn’t seem to be interested in it last time. I usually keep the ‘toy’ awhile and take it out again later to try.

Blocks – love building them high up and ‘demolishing’ them with a ball.

Gross motor skills:

Running – Huh! Faster than you think he can.

Climbing – Not smooth, a good start today. Will go to this park more often now.

Hopping – With Wiggles and Jojo hopping along, who can stop him?

Ball play – Kinda good at it but can be better. He doesn’t quite catch the ‘catch’ though. Co-ordination?

Batting – Wilkin has been trying to train him for Wimbledon, without good results so far. But this is a great exercise for co-ordination. Definitely will go on with this.

I found a Tic-Tac in my bag and gave it to him. When we reached home, he asked for more. I said that was the last one and I didn’t have anymore. He started to check my pants and went to my room to check in my bag! Well, at least he knows where to look for it, but this is a no-no. He didn’t want to accept my explanation. He understood very well when I said in simple ‘Tic-Tac all gone. Finished.’

Do you call this strong-willed, or just plain stubbornness?